Understand the Newest Concept of Scale 3D Exterior Modeling

May 20 2014
Architectural Visualization
A scale model is a physical model, a representation or copy of an object that is larger or smaller than the actual size of the object, which seeks to maintain the relative proportions of the physical size of the original object. Very often the scale model is used as a guide to making the object in full size. Scale models are built or collected for many reasons. 

Professional model makers often create models for many professions: 

Engineers who require scale models to test the likely performance of a particular design at an early stage of development without incurring the full expense of a full-sized prototype. 

Architects who require architectural models to evaluate and sell the look of a new construction before it is built. 

Filmmakers who require scale models of objects or sets that cannot be built in full size. 

Salesmen who require scale models to promote new products such as heavy equipment and automobiles and other vehicles.

Hobbyists or amateur model makers make die-cast models, injection molded, model railroads, remote control vehicles, war gaming and fantasy collectibles, model ships and ships in bottles for their own enjoyment. 

Scale models can also be objects of art, either being created by artists or being rediscovered and transformed into art by artists. 

Some modelers build and collect models made from a certain medium (Metal, wood, plastic, card, paper, etc.).Others build and collect models based on the types of object being modeled. Scale models of people and animals are found in a wide variety of venues, and may be either single-piece objects or kits which must be assembled, usually depending on the purpose of the model itself. For instance, models of people as well as both domestic and wild animals are often produced for display in model cities or railroads to provide a measure of detail or realism, and scaled relative to the trains,buildings, and other accessories of a certain line of models. Well here's the ultimate destination for all kinds of 3D models.

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Author: Ruturaj Desai 
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