animation, art direction, character design, and creative direction


2D Character Modeling, 3D Character Modeling, 3d Game Character Rigging, 3D Game Models, Character Modeling, Character Rigging, VFX and Special Effects, and Voices & Sound composition
tYANTRAM Established in 2004, Yantram has since produced hundreds of projects spanning from
- 3D Character Modeling
- VFX and Special Effects
- Voices & Sound composition
- 3d Character Rigging
- 3D Game Character Animations
- 3D Game Models
- 3d Gameart
- 3d Environments
- 3d Game Assets
- 3d Weapons Modeling
- 3d Vehicles Modeling
- Low polygon character
- 3d interactive animations
- 3D short movie
- 2D Short Films
- 3d Game Assets
- Corporate Video Production

Yantram Expertise in 3D Game Models

- Desktop & online Game
- XBOX Game
- Play station Game (PS3)
- Nintendo Game
- Mobile Games (MAC / Android )

3D Character Modeling
We can help out in your 3D game design like Low poly modeling , High poly Modeling, Character, Weapons, Vehicles, Environments, Assets etc. You are looking 3D companies / Studio to outsources 3D game Models for cost effective, achieve time line & batter quality Modeling so Yantram is ideal Partner.

With over 9 years of experience to successfully serve the industry giants in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, Spain, France ,Gulf.Yantram has since produced hundreds of projects spanning from Character Animation, Architectural 3D Animation , Engineering CAD Design , By our excellent Offshore BPO Services you can in the end save your 60% of overall cost.

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